About us

It’s not the size of your wall that matters, it’s what you hang on it that counts.

Based in Sydney, Australia, the Bluum art studio is owned and operated by friends Vincent Rommelaere, (@AustraliaUnseen) and Kade Robinson (@Chance.Purpose). Both share an unhealthy obsession with Jurassic Park, overpriced lattes and pretending like they’re not going back to Burning Man this year.

Vincent’s background is in art direction, photography, videography and art. He’s into minimalism, geometric shapes and an overall clean aesthetic. At Burning Man he runs around filming art and breathing inspiration (and dust). Please, don’t bring up that time he had to ship 1000 puzzles by hand in one week.

Kade’s background is in copywriting, broadcast media and film production. He’s into statement art, provocative imagery and anything that makes a viewer smile or cringe (preferably nothing in between). At Burning Man he camps with Mystopia. Never ask him about his tattoo, it’s not an interesting story.

Bluum is their antidote to “masspirational” consumable art. It’s not for everyone, and that’s kind of the point.