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This is a limited edition work in a series of 100 (titled “1976”).


The 70’s are back! Or… are they? Who cares anymore, time is a construct and fashion is cyclical, baby. These 3 colours have been chosen to evoke memories of the mid 70’s, both real and imagined. Hang it anywhere you need a fix of sticky vinyl flooring, FM radio countdowns, Playboy centrefolds, Tupperware parties and Reg Grundy soap operas. 

Due to the nature of these works, each piece is unique and no two pieces are identical, nor can they be duplicated. You will receive a piece similar - but not identical - to the one pictured. Original artworks are handmade at the Bluum studio in Sydney, Australia.


40.6 x 50.8 x 1.9cm (16" x 20" x 3/4")


Acrylic, pigment, ink and epoxy resin on woodboard.


Yes, we ship original artworks like this one Australia-wide and internationally. Shipping costs for all orders are calculated upon checkout.

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